9 Best Cafes in Tbilisi

We also love good coffee, so with fantastic food and great coffee in mind, these are the best cafes in Tbilisi.

9 Best Cafes in Tbilisi

1. Hurma

Our kind of place; a hipster style, cosy coffee house that serves great coffee, smoothies, and yummy brunch. Hurma offers good food at the right price.

We love the all-day breakfast option plus a selection of set breakfast deals between 9 – 11 am.

Depending on what you order, expect to pay between 8-16 GEL, which includes tea, coffee, or juice. Win!

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Address: 21 Petre Melikishvili St

2. Fabrika Hostel

Brunch lovers – listen up! Come here if you’re craving a delicious buffet of great food. The cafe is a popular hipster hangout, perfect if you’re new to the city and want to meet some new people.

They offer a special brunch menu on weekends making it one of our favourites on this list of best cafes in Tbilisi. 

The best deal here is the buffet breakfast available each morning from 7 -11 am (12 on weekends) for 19 GEL. It’s an all you can eat deal with some really tasty food. 

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Address: 8 Egnate Ninoshvili St

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3. Lui Coffee

9 Best Cafes in Tbilisi

Located in Vake, Lui Coffee is a favourite hangout for students from nearby campuses and universities. 

The coffee here is good and it’s a family-owned place, so the food here is cooked with lots of love. Order the pancakes or the salted caramel and almond croissant if you’ve got a sweet tooth. The beetroot toast with roasted walnuts and feta is a top choice too. 

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Address: 23-23a Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue

4. Cafe Linville

A unique and charming cafe in Tbilisi. The interior is very clever, vintage, with clean finishings. Most imporantly, the food and service are fantastic. If you’re carving a good khachapuri, then you can find it here. We also love their coffee and cakes.

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Address: 12 Shalva Dadiani

5. Erti Kava Coffee Room

This cafe has beautiful decor and the coffee is something to talk about too; it’s good! They offer an all-day breakfast menu with both creative sweet and savoury options.

Many of the meals are vegan-friendly and you can bet the food is fresh and wholesome. 

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Address: 8 Mitropan Laghidze

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6. Coffee LAB

Located outside of the historical area of the city, this is the best coffee in the city. Perfect hang-out for digital nomads.

A good place to work behind your laptop with strong coffee and charging outlets.

We love their perfectly cooked poached eggs with spinach and the cakes are tasty too. Coffee LAB roast their beans on-site, and these guys certainly know what they’re doing.

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Address: 27 Alexander Kazbegi Ave

7. Coffeesta

Yes, this is a chain cafe with several locations in Tbilisi, but they do a great job. If you arrive before midday, you can take advantage of the coffee and pastry deal for 5 GEL, what a deal!

My favourite breakfast here is the Georgian omelette, it’s stuffed with soft sulguni cheese and served savoury jams and chutneys on the side. It’s a good filling option for a busy day ahead.

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Address: 52 Shota Rustaveli Ave & 2, 4 Shota Rustaveli Ave

8. Cafe Leila

Located in the Old Town, this cafe is cosy and welcoming. The decor is unique and interesting and the staff are friendly eager to please. They have a solid wine selection and also a fantastic local home-brewed beer.

Another amazing place on our list of the best cafes in Tbilisi.

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Address: 18 Ioane Shavteli St

9. Kikliko

9 Best Cafes in Tbilisi - Kikliko

Kikliko is a Georgian breakfast that in some way resembles French toast, but it’s savoury. A Georgian take on what most know as eggy bread I suppose.

Kikliko cafe is dedicated to this breakfast treat and serves a range of different kiklikos with ham, sour cream, mushrooms, cheese, and eggs in different combinations. They also do tasty combos of scrambled eggs with cream cheese, ham, or guacamole.

Oh, and the eggs Benedict with spinach or the cottage cheese pancakes are a good choice too. 

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Address: 28 Mtskheta St

So there you have it – our list of the best cafes in Tbilisi. We hope you enjoy the food in Tbilisi as much as we did. And, be sure to taste the wine; it’s fantastic!

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