7 Amazing hikes in Spain Girl Hiking in Spain Featured

When you add this to the rugged mountain ranges, spectacular landscapes, and stunning coastal trails in Spain, you get endless options for some amazing hikes in Spain.

From the famous Spanish walk, Camino de Santiago, to the Camino del Rey and the Picos de Europa National Park, if you’re keen to hike Spain, these 7 exciting hikes in Spain are just for you!

But before we get into the best hikes in Spain, let’s cover the essentials.

How to Get to Spain

This country is well connected to just about everywhere in the world. The capital city of Madrid has a busy international airport, and many budget airlines (such as EasyJet & Ryanair) offer super cheap fares from all over Europe.

Let’s take a look at options for how to get to Spain before we dive into the best hikes in Spain.

By Plane

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By Train

Yes, travelling in Europe by train is one of my favourite ways to get around. I use Trainline to book the cheapest train tickets all over the continent.

By Car

If you’re planning to spend at least one week in Spain and plan on taking on multiple hikes in Spain, I recommend that you rent a car for your trip.

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By Bus

Travel by bus is another win when planning multiple hikes in Spain. When you’re finished hiking in Spain, local, regional, or international buses are a convenient way to travel. I recommend Omio to reserve bus tickets in Spain and many other countries in Europe.

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Ok, let’s get to it! 7 AMAZING Hikes in Spain

1) Picos de Europa National Park – Pincebos to Bulnes

Picos de Europa National Park is a true heaven on earth. It’s one of the most visited parks in Spain and it’s not hard to see why. 

With an abundance of hiking trails and routes for all levels, the massive limestone peaks, vertical gorges, and lush forests make this an extraordinary place to enjoy some epic hikes in Spain.

There are hundreds of hiking trails in Picos de Europa National Park, but I’ve featured this one on my list of amazing hikes in Spain.

7 Amazing hikes in Spain Picos de Europa
Picos de Europa National Park offers some spectacular hikes in Spain

From Pincebos to Bulnes

This hiking trail is uphill the entire way, but you will trek along a pretty path that will take you to Bulnes. This quaint village has stone houses, cobblestone streets, and the most breathtaking views of the surrounding area. 

Difficulty: Moderate – An easy trail to follow, but it’s all uphill.

Distance: 9km – Takes approximately 3 – 4 hours

NOTE: Bulnes is known to be one of the prettiest villages in Spain, definitely worth a visit.

If you’re not a hiker or travelling with someone who doesn’t want to hike this trail, you can ride the funicular to Bulnes for around 11 euros each way.

2) La Ruta del Agua + Peña cortada, Chelva

The stunning Ruta del Agua (Water Route) is about an hour’s drive from Valencia. 

It’s an entirely signposted route featuring a topography of extraordinary panoramas. Allow half a day to complete a mix of two treks, the Ruta del Agua trail, and the Pena Cortada aqueduct route.

An easy-intermediate hiking trail takes you through caves and tunnels dug into the rock. Then, pass a wooden walkway through a mountain, hand-cut by the Romans, and see a fascinating Roman aqueduct, one of the most important in Spain. 

A highlight of this trail is walking through tunnels illuminated by natural light and gorgeous natural scenery—a spectacular hiking trail in Valencia, Spain.

Difficulty: Easy – Easy-Medium

Distance: 12km 

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3) Mulhacen

Head to the Sierra Nevadas to trek up the highest peak on mainland Spain. 

The Mulhacen is near Granada, standing at almost 3,500 meters high. These hiking trails are popular during the summer months. Choose from multiple hiking trails that reach the summit of Mulhacen; all walks range in length and difficulty.

There are four primary trails up the mountain, three of which start from the south in the Alpujarras, all of varying technical levels. This climb is suited for everyone, from the beginner hiker to the more skilled, advanced mountaineer. 

7 Amazing hikes in Spain Mulhacen
Mulhacen – One of the top hikes in Spain.

To start, follow paths from Granada city, to the village of Trevelez (Alpujarras) or the Sierra Nevada Ski Station, Capileira (Alpujarras). 

Alternatively, you can catch a bus from Capileira to Paraje del Cascajar, 2,700m above sea level. This option will decrease the walk to 2-3 hours via the less challenging South Ridge, a popular choice among many walkers.

For experienced mountaineers, Mulhacen is reachable in two days; the trail along the northern face of Mulhacen is the challenging way to reach the summit. 

Many people hike from Hoya del Portillo to Poqueira Refuge and spend the night. However, day 2 is all about climbing to the top of Mulhacen. 

To reach Capileira to experience these hikes in Spain, it’s an easy 1 hr 20 min drive from Granada, or you can take a bus. Allow up to 2.5 hours if taking this journey by bus.

Difficulty: Easy – Very Difficult

Distance: Varies according to route

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4) Camino de Santiago

We couldn’t make this list of the ten best hikes in Spain without including one of the most well-known trails in Spain, the Camino de Santiago. Yes, this is a famous Spanish walk.

So, if you’ve been searching for the best hikes in Spain or trails in Spain to walk or hike, then this is one of the hikes in Spain that would have shown up in your search. 

7 Amazing hikes in Spain Camino de santiago woman green village
The most famous hike in Spain, the Camino de Santiago has to be on our list of best hikes in Spain.

The best weather conditions to do ‘the Camino’ is between May and October. The busiest season is between July – September, so avoid these months for far fewer crowds. It’s advisable to spend some time planning your Camino (route and overnight stops etc.) and improving your fitness level to have a more enjoyable experience when you’re there.

The Camino de Santiago is one of the most famous hikes globally. It is also one of the great pilgrimages for the Christian tradition. A pilgrim’s journey is related to the quest for forgiveness from God for one’s sins. 

Passing through landscapes of enchanting beauty, you will discover hamlets and quaint villages. 

7 Amazing hikes in Spain camino ladies hike through village
Hiking trails in Spain on the Camino de Compostela route takes you through charming villages

Many people set off on this famous Spanish walk each year. Most people take 30-45 days to complete it, sometimes over multiple years. Some seek adventure; others do it to find solace & forgiveness, and many make the pilgrimage as explained above. Whatever reason you choose to do this famous hike in Spain, it is a true journey of self-discovery. 

Past hikers who have completed this famous Spanish walk recommend no heavier than a 30L backpack. I recommend this Kailas 26L Hiking Backpack.

Take a few days of clothes and a worn-in, good pair of hiking shoes for your adventure.

Join a Small Group Tour on the Camino de Santiago

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5) Costa Brava – Camino de Ronda

The route of Camino de Ronda is a paradise and is suitable for everyone, beginners or experienced hikers. The Camino de Ronda, also known as GR92 is a coastal walk along the Costa Brava region of Catalonia in northern Spain. This spectacular walk has epic ocean views on one side and thick vegetation on the opposite.

Costa Brava stretches from the town of Blanes, 60 km northeast of Barcelona, to the French border. This ancient walk takes you through sea promenades, beaches, and flat stretches along the Costa Brava.

These are the most popular hikes in Spain for every fitness level, open 365 days a year.

7 Amazing hikes in Spain Costa Brava
Stunning hikes in Spain include amazing hiking trails along the Costa Brava

GR92 is split up into 20+ stages to give walkers the choice of where and for how long they desire to walk. Some are just easy day hikes, while others are journeys that take several days. 

Walking the whole trail takes 7-10 days, depending on personal preference of how many km to walk each day. However, the entire walk is worth seeing all the secluded beaches, fishing villages, and lovely coves if you have the time.

The most picturesque parts of the route are near the National Park of Aiguamolls de l’Emporda and in the south between the villages of Palafrugell and Begur.

I’d recommend these two self-guided Camino de Ronda trails;

Lineal Camino de Ronda

43km long route (starting at the village of Sant Feliu de Guíxols and finishing at the village in Begur).

Option 1: Suitable for those with some hiking experience, I’d recommend 2 days of hiking to complete this route. (average 21km per day). It requires spending one-night accommodation in the village or town of your choice. Make your reservation on Booking.com for instant confirmation.

Option 2: Suitable for people with little to no hiking experience, I’d recommend 3 days of hiking this route. (average of 15km per day). It would require two nights’ accommodation. Once you plan what towns/villages you will stay in, make reservations on Booking.com for the best rates and instant confirmation.

7 amazing hikes in spain costa brava man hiking
7 amazing hikes in spain costa brava man hiking

Circular Camino de Ronda (loop)

140km long route (start and finish in Girona city). This hike is best suited to people who have some experience in hiking or walking long distances. 

I’d recommend walking this route between 7-10 days (average 14 – 20km per day). This route would require 7-9 nights of accommodation. 

Many people begin the hike from Aiguamolls de l’Emporda. 

Difficulty: Easy – Intermediate

Distance: Varies according to route as mentioned above


6) Peñalara

7 Amazing hikes in Spain man trekking
So many great hikes in Spain

Just over an hour’s drive from Madrid, the mountains inside Sierra de Guadarrama National Park are where many city dwellers come to enjoy some amazing hikes in Spain.

Standing at 2,420m, Peñalara is the highest point you can reach in the National Park.

The most popular hiking trail is the circular route. The path will lead hikers to the main summit and continue its course among its lagoons. Admire the natural beauty of the park as you walk.

The circular route is 14km long and takes around 3.5 – 4 hours roundtrip. It’s well signposted, and the route is intermediate level. 

Difficulty: Easy – Intermediate

Distance: 14km roundtrip (circular loop)

7) El Caminito del Rey

The views are spectacular on this 8km long trail from beginning to end. The Caminito del Rey, located near Malaga (in the Andalusian region of Spain), is amazing! Tread along walkways hanging over 100 metres in height on a sheer cliff face.

Walk along the pathways through cliffs, canyons, and an extensive ravine; this is one of the most incredible hikes in Spain. 

This hiking trail in Spain takes about 4 hours to complete.

NOTE: Open daily, except CLOSED on Sundays.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Distance: 8 km 

I highly recommend this fantastic Guided Tour of El Caminito del Ray. See dramatic landscapes and learn about the history of the Desfiladero de Los Gaitanes Canyon. Includes an expert guide, entrance ticket, and shuttle bus to the North entrance.

Getting Around in Spain

I hope you’ve discovered a few epic hikes in Spain from this list and you’re about to begin the planning stage of how to get around in Spain. You will be pleased to know that Spain has a great connection with high-speed trains. I use Trainline to book all of my train travel tickets on the go.

In saying that, I’d recommend that you rent a car in Spain if you plan on doing multiple hikes in Spain.

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It will give you the freedom to explore at your own pace and stop at quaint villages and towns.

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Tips for Planning Your Hikes in Spain

7 Amazing hikes in Spain group of hikers
A few tips before you head off on those epic hikes in Spain

Be Sun Smart – It gets scorchingly hot in Spain, so be prepared for blistering temperatures and harmful sun rays. Ensure you protect yourself against the sun by covering up with a long light hiking shirt and a breathable hat, regularly applying sunscreen, and taking breaks. 

Hydrate regularly – Always pack more water than you think you’ll need. And when you’re trekking around on all these fantastic hikes in Spain, don’t forget to hydrate regularly. You may consider getting a SteriPen Water Purifier if you’re planning to do more than a few multi-day hikes in Spain. It’s a great investment for onward travels around the world and camping trips too.

Plan your hikes in Spain – Always research your hiking trail to make sure you leave fully prepared for what’s ahead. For example, how long will it take, how many snacks or litres of water should you take, and do you need to book an overnight bed in a refuge if it’s a multi-day hike? 

Leave yourself more than enough time – Rule number one of hiking is always to leave yourself plenty of time. It’s always best to leave early; then, if you run into issues on the hiking trail, you have a buffer to get back before the sun goes down and you’ve got no time left. You could run into danger in the darkness by losing the trail or getting too close to cliff edges.

Learn a little Spanish Basic phrases will be helpful if you need to ask for directions. Better yet, one of these little Spanish pocket phrasebooks for your trip will really help you to communicate with the locals. Better yet, sign up with Babbel and try and learn Spanish as a second language.

Advise somebody where you are going – Attempting a solo hike carries risks. It’s always safer to hike with a friend or as part of a group. But, if you do go hiking alone, make sure somebody knows your plans and where you are going.

Wear appropriate clothing – The right pair of hiking shoes is essential for all the hikes in Spain you’ve got planned to do. If possible, bring a pair of hiking shoes that you’ve already worn in, it will reduce the risk of blisters. If you don’t own any yet and you’ve got a bit of time before your trip, buy a good pair of hiking shoes/boots and wear them everywhere before you head over to take on multiple hikes in Spain.

Don’t overdo it; listen to your body If you’re not confident that you can do a particular hike, don’t push yourself. Instead, choose one of the hikes in Spain that you feel comfortable doing. If you’re feeling ill during the walk, turn back. Some of the hikes in Spain can reach high altitudes, and inexperienced hikers may find themselves in trouble.

Monitor the weather Spain receives over 300+ days of sunshine each year, which means it does rain for 65+ days. So check the weather forecast before attempting any of these hikes in Spain or others you may learn about, particularly if you’re tackling a challenging mountain. 

Keep on the marked trail – It’s essential to keep to the marked trail during any hikes in Spain for safety and to preserve the flora.

Respect the wildlife – Don’t chase or pester wildlife & please don’t feed them.

Take a bag for waste – They say to ‘take only memories and leave only footprints. It is especially true when doing any of these hikes in Spain or hikes globally. Take a bag for waste, such as wet wipes, toilet paper, plastic wrappers/packets, or banana skins. Leave the mountain as you found it.

Buy snacks in town before your hike – Stop in small villages and buy snacks locally from small shops or market sellers. It’s a great way to support the local economy, and you’re likely to find some super fresh fruit and tasty hand-made snacks.

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