A chance to explore Australia’s Great Barrier Reef on a day trip is a dream, but being able to sleep out there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Trust me, Reeflsleep Whitsundays is a unique experience that you don’t want to miss when visiting this stunning region in Queensland.

5 Reasons why you need to Reefsleep on the Great Barrier Reef

5 Reasons why you need to Reefsleep on the Great Barrier Reef

Why ReefSleep Whitsundays should be top of your Bucket-List!

But first – What is Reefsleep Whitsundays?

A unique opportunity to spend one night, or two days on one of the world’s largest coral reef systems, the Great Barrier Reef.

Over 76 km from the mainland is Reefworld, a luxury pontoon situated on Hardy Reef.

The gorgeous turquoise water is all around you, and the reef is teeming with spectacular fish and marine life. Reefsleep Experience offers you the opportunity to spend a night out here. 

A Water Wonderland

Reefworld is your base for snorkelling, scuba-diving, semi-sub trips along the reef, and an oasis for soaking up the sun in a stunning location. You’ll take a ferry to the reef with others who have booked only a day trip to the reef.

Enjoy a buffet lunch and water activities for the day, then the day-trippers leave to head back to the mainland.

If you book the Reefsleep experience, you get to stay overnight. 

reefsleep great barrier reef

The Reefsleep is an amazing opportunity to spend the night on the Reefworld

Get Ready to be Impressed

For those that have booked the Reefsleep experience, this is when the 5-star treatment really kicks in!

Get ready for some ‘rockstar’ treatment. You’ll be thoroughly looked after at Reefworld. An onboard chef is there dishing up the most divine meals and your hosts are on hand to offer their service whenever you need it.

All you need to do is fill your days with as many water activities and relaxing vibes as you can handle.

You get your own luxury sea swag too. It’s like a lavish tent that is decked out with lights, USB ports, and comfy linens and bedding.

This is your own personal cocoon where you can go and chill here at any time and it happens to be located with million-dollar views.

Let’s get back to why you need to do the Reefsleep Whitsundays Experience on the Great Barrier Reef at least once in your lifetime.

1) You’ll feel like a VIP – 5 – Star Service on Board

reeflsleep food

Your Reefsleep comes with 5-star service and food.

As I mentioned earlier, the staff were outstanding. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be treated like a VIP.

The entire Reefsleep Whitsundays experience is very well organised. There is clear communication about mealtimes (you don’t want to miss any of them), water activities, and what time the sun will rise/set.

This handy information is posted on the wall so you can refer to it later on too.

2) The Food is Exceptional

reefsleep food

Ok, I’ll be honest. A big drawcard for my interest to join Reefsleep on the Great Barrier Reef was the food journey I’d be taken on.

And boy, what a culinary degustation I was treated to during the two days onboard.

We indulged in some wonderfully fresh seafood including seared scallops with chorizo and passionfruit pearls (yes, super fancy) freshly shucked oysters with lychee and lemon, the biggest prawns I’ve ever tasted, and a grilled barramundi dish that I will never forget.

food reefsleep