Nothing defines the Aussie spirit like Big Things in Australia. Why are these large structures and sculptures dotted across the country? If you ask any Australian, they will probably reply with: ” Why not? It’s really just for a bit of fun.

Every Aussie kid will remember a family road trip when they saw the first big thing. Big Banana, Big Merino, or Big Mango – all of them were so impressive to a little child! As a result, more Big Things appeared around Australia.

Consequently, today you can find 150 of them across the continent. Many of them represent the industry of that specific region. And every backpacker visiting Australia has an iconic photo in front of one of these.

Here is the list of the best big things in Australia – don’t miss them:

1. The Giant Koala, Dadswells Bridge, VIC

The Big Things have to include this iconic and endemic animal of Australia. The Giant Koala is 14 meters high and apparently, it weighs up to 14 tonnes as it’s made of steel and bronze! However, it does look rather scary!

But it is one of the biggest things you’ll find in OZ. In addition, you can also find a Big Koala in the town of Cowes on Philip Island Road

30 Best Big Things in Australia giant koala

30 Best Big Things in Australia giant koala

2. The Big Ned Kelly, Glenrowan, VIC

There are two Big Ned Kelly statues in Australia, but the one in the town of Glenrowan is more meaningful. To clarify, this is where Kelly Ned’s gang’s last stand was.

Ned Kelly was an Australian bushranger, outlaw, gang leader, and convicted police murderer. He wore a suit of bulletproof armour during his last and final shoot-out with the local police.

30 Best Big Things in Australia Big Ned Kelly
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Ned Kelly

3. The Big Murray Cod, Swan Hill, VIC

Swan Hill is a regional town located on the Murray River. It’s known for great fishing and in the spirit of that – a giant 11-metre long fish has become part of the big things of Australia.

Originally built for movies, it’s now located at the train station.

30 Best Big Things in Australia - The Big Cod
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Murray Big Cod

4. The Big Merino, Goulburn, NSW

The name of this big sheep is Rambo and in 2007 it was relocated closer to the Hume Highway to entice more visitors to the town. Rambo is big enough so you can even climb to the top of it for some views.

Or learn more about the local wool industry. Most importantly there is a local bakery nearby to stop for some baked goods – maybe try one of the Aussie classics – a meat pie!

30 Best Big Things in Australia - The Big Merino
 30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Merino

5. The Big Kookaburra, Kurri Kurri, NSW

This iconic bird can be heard across Eastern Australia, it always sounds like it’s laughing. The town of Kurri Kurri uses Kookaburra in a logo for a few sporting events. So naturally, a Big Kookaburra was erected in the heart of the town at Rotary Park.

30 Best Big Things in Australia - The Big Kookaburra
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Kookaburra

6. The Big Ugg Boots, NSW

Ugg Boots are quintessential Australian footwear. And the Mortels Sheepskin Factory in the town of Thornton is home to the world’s biggest UGG Boots. These big UGG boots are 13 times the size of a women’s size 8 UGG boot.

It’s easy to stop here if you are visiting the nearby Hunter Valley.

Big Things in Australia Big Ugg Boots
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Ugg Boots