Nothing defines the Aussie spirit like Big Things in Australia. Why are these large structures and sculptures dotted across the country? If you ask any Australian, they will probably reply with: ” Why not? It’s really just for a bit of fun.

Every Aussie kid will remember a family road trip when they saw the first big thing. Big Banana, Big Merino, or Big Mango – all of them were so impressive to a little child! As a result, more Big Things appeared around Australia. Consequently, today you can find 150 of them across the continent. Many of them represent the industry of that specific region. And every backpacker visiting Australia has an iconic photo in front of one of these.

Here is the list of the best big things in Australia – don’t miss them:

1. The Giant Koala, Dadswells Bridge, VIC

The Big Things have to include this iconic and endemic animal of Australia. The Giant Koala is 14 meters high and apparently, it weighs up to 14 tonnes as it’s made of steel and bronze! However, it does look rather scary! But it is one of the biggest things you’ll find in OZ. In addition, you can also find a Big Koala in the town of Cowes on Philip Island Road

30 Best Big Things in Australia giant koala
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Giant Koala, Dadswells Bridge, Victoria.

2. The Big Ned Kelly, Glenrowan, VIC

There are two Big Ned Kelly statues in Australia, but the one in the town of Glenrowan is more meaningful. To clarify, this is where Kelly Ned’s gang’s last stand was. Ned Kelly was an Australian bushranger, outlaw, gang leader, and convicted police murderer. He wore a suit of bulletproof armour during his last and final shoot-out with the local police.

30 Best Big Things in Australia Big Ned Kelly
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Ned Kelly

3. The Big Murray Cod, Swan Hill, VIC

Swan Hill is a regional town located on the Murray River. It’s known for great fishing and in the spirit of that – a giant 11-meter long fish has become part of the big things of Australia. Originally built for movies, it’s now located at the train station.

30 Best Big Things in Australia - The Big Cod
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Murray Big Cod

4. The Big Merino, Goulburn, NSW

The name of this big sheep is Rambo and in 2007 it was relocated closer to the Hume Highway to entice more visitors to the town. Rambo is big enough so you can even climb to the top of it for some views. Or learn more about the local wool industry. Most importantly there is a local bakery nearby to stop for some baked goods – maybe try one of the Aussie classics – a meat pie!

30 Best Big Things in Australia - The Big Merino
 30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Merino

5. The Big Kookaburra, Kurri Kurri, NSW

This iconic bird can be heard across Eastern Australia, it always sounds like it’s laughing. The town of Kurri Kurri uses Kookaburra in a logo for a few sporting events. So naturally, a Big Kookaburra was erected in the heart of the town at Rotary Park.

30 Best Big Things in Australia - The Big Kookaburra
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Kookaburra

6. The Big Ugg Boots, NSW

Ugg Boots are quintessential Australian footwear. And the Mortels Sheepskin Factory in the town of Thornton is home to the world’s biggest UGG Boots. These big UGG boots are 13 times the size of a women’s size 8 UGG boot. It’s easy to stop here if you are visiting the nearby Hunter Valley.

Big Things in Australia Big Ugg Boots
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Ugg Boots

7. The Big Golden Guitar, Tamworth, NSW

Head inland from the coast and you will find another gem. The Big Golden Guitar is 12 metres tall and it stands in front of the famous Longyard Hotel in Tamworth. Tamworth is the Country Music Capital of Australia. A must-see for all the music lovers and the only musical instrument of the Big Things. The guitar is modelled on the Golden Guitar trophy that winners receive at the Country Music Awards of Australia.

The Big Golden Guitar Big Things Australia
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Golden Guitar

8. The Big Banana, Coffs Harbour, NSW

When it comes to Big Things in Australia, at the start of this trend was the Big Banana. The first Big Banana was here as early as the ’60s. Today it’s part of a tourist complex that includes a banana-themed souvenir shop, tours of the surrounding plantation, and even an indoor ski slope. In the heart of Coffee Harbour, the Big Banana makes for an easy stop.

Big Things in Australia Big Banana
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Banana

9. The Big Bogan, Nyngan, NSW

The construction of the Big Bogan in Nyngan was very controversial. The slang word “Bogan” refers to a person whose speech, clothing, attitude, and behaviour are considered unrefined or unsophisticated. But the town of Nyngan is on the Bogan River, so it makes sense that the statue was placed here. So there he is; a six-meter-tall bloke with a Southern Cross tattoo, esky, and fishing rod with thumbs up.

Big Things Big Bogan
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Bogan

10. The Big Prawn, Ballina, NSW

If you are driving up along the coastal road in Northern NSW, don’t miss the Big Prawn. It was originally located somewhere else and in 2009 it was due to be demolished. But the community collected enough money to keep it and today it stands tall and proud across another Aussie icon: Bunnings Warehouse.

Big Things in Australia Big Prawn
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Prawn at Bunnings

11. The Big Pineapple, Nambour, QLD

The Big Pineapple is one of the iconic big things in Australia, and many Australians remember seeing it as a kid for the first time. At some point, the Big Pineapple was getting a million tourists a year! Standing in front of a pineapple plantation and now a wildlife park, it had a recent makeover and it’s looking very refreshed. Above all, who doesn’t like giant pineapples?

Located only a short drive from the very popular Sunshine Coast, it’s one of the big things not to miss. 

Big Things in Australia - Big Pineapple 
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Pineapple

12. The Big Pelican, Noosa, QLD 

Noosa is a coastal town on the end of the Sunshine Coast and is known for its amazing beaches. The Big Pelican is located on the foreshore in Noosaville. As you can imagine, it is a popular place for families. And a great spot for sunsets for the grown-ups.

Big Things Australia - Big Pelican
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Pelican in Noosaville

13. The Big Easel, Emerald, QLD

Who would’ve thought you will find a big easel five hours into the Aussie outback? But you do! It is located in the town of Emerald and took two months to be completed. The painting is a replica of Van Gogh’s famous Sunflowers. Erected to reflect the regional sunflower growers, it stands 25 m tall.

Big Things Australia - Big Easel 
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Easel

14. The Big Mango, Bowen, QLD

Big fruits are obviously very popular and the Big Mango gets a special mention. Located in the town of Bowen and near the famous Whitsundays, many visitors have snapped a selfie here. It was stolen once as part of a publicity stunt by Nando’s, but thankfully it was returned. And yes. This part of Queensland grows a lot of mangoes.

Big Things Big Mango
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Mango

15. The Big Bull, Rockhampton QLD

The Capricorn region is renowned for its beef production. There are a total of seven bulls in the town of Rockhampton, which is the beef capital of Australia. So you can pick your favourite Big Bull. But this one near the Botanical Gardens was our favourite.

Australia Big Things - Big Bull
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Bull in Rockhampton

16. The Big Miner, Rubyvale QLD 

The outback town of Rubyvale has four of the Big Things! The Big Spanner, Big Sapphire, and the Big Pick and Shovel. To sum it up, this area is all about mining! Most importantly, there is an actual Big Miner, a truly iconic symbol of the mining industry here.

30 Best Big Things in Australia - The Big Miner
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Miner

17. The Big Cassowary, Mission Beach QLD

The Big Cassowary in Mission Beach is a recognition of the endangered bird. The nearby World Heritage Rainforest area is home to a few of these pretty yet vicious birds. So if you don’t get to see any of them in the wild, you can see the statue of the Big Cassowary. It stands 5m high in front of a shopping center.

 30 Best Big Things in Australia - The Big Cassowary
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Cassowary in Mission Beach

18. The Big Strawberry, Elimbah, QLD

 A short drive off the Bruce Highway and you will find the Rollin Farms as well as this giant strawberry. Come here during the season (Jun-Oct) and you can pick your own fresh strawberries in the field.
Big Things Australia Strawberry 
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Strawberry

19. The Big Gumboot, Tully, QLD

If you like rain, then the town of Tully might be the right spot to visit. The story behind the Big Gumboot also called the Golden Gumboot involves a long-standing battle between Tully and the nearby town of Babinda fighting for the title of ‘wettest town in Australia’. 

In short, the town that received the most rainfall each year since the ’70s would receive a rubber golden gumboot. Subsequently, in 2003 the Big Gumboot was unveiled. It is 7.9 m high which represents the record rainfall of Tully.

30 Best Big Things in Australia - The Big Gumboot
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Gumboot in Tully

20. The Big Boxing Croc, Humpty Doo, NT 

A boxing crocodile? Sounds too funny to be true. Well, it is. And you can find the Big Boxing Croc in the town of Humpy Doo in the Northern Territory. Ray Park built it in 1988 to celebrate Australia winning America’s Cup five years earlier. Does the croc bring more tourists here now? Absolutely.

In addition, there are other big crocodiles in Australia: the Big Jumping Crocodile in Mary River, NT, the Big Crocodile in Wyndham, WA, and the Big Crocodiles in Daintree, Normanton and Hartley’s Creek, Qld.

21. The Big Aboriginal Hunter, NT 

If you visit Alice Springs in Northern Territory and travel about 150km north, you will come across the Big Aboriginal Hunter. Located in the Anmatjere Community of the Australian outback, the statue is 17 metres tall. 

Big Things Australia
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Aboriginal Hunter

22. The World’s Tallest Bin, Kalgoorlie, WA 

How tall is the tallest bin? 8 metres high! To clarify bin means trash/garbage can. Erected in 1980 to encourage people to keep Kalgoorlie tidy. It certainly is one of the quirkiest big things in Australia. 

23. Leeuwin Way Whale, Eucla, WA

Located just off the highway, this 10-metre long whale is big enough to make it on the list of The Big Things in Australia. It is a symbol of a former and only shore-based whaling station in the Southern Hemisphere.

Big Things Leeuwin Way Whale
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Leeuwin Whale

24. The Giant Ram, Wagin, WA

Look out! Rambo in Victoria has some competition. The Giant Ram in the town or Wagin is 7 metres tall and 15 metres long. While it’s not as big as the one in Victoria, the Giant Ram is known for its giant balls. You’ve been warned.

30 Best Big Things in Australia - The Big Ram
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Ram

25. The Big Lollipop – Ravensthorpe WA 

The largest stand-alone lollipop was unveiled in 2019 and it has been popular with tourists ever since. The project was self-funded by a nearby candy store to boost sales. It worked.

30 Best Big Things in Australia - The Big Lollipop
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Lollipop

26. The Big Lobster – Kingston SA 

Locals call the Big Lobster, Larry. It is definitely the most iconic of the big things in South Australia. It was completed back in the ’70s to lure more tourists to the nearby restaurant. The locals claim that there was a mix-up with the measurements when Larry was built. The original dimensions were in feet and inches. Yet, when the measurements were passed on to build it, the metric system was used. As a result, the Big Lobster ended up huge!

Therefore today it is one of the biggest big things in Australia. A must-see when you are road tripping across South Australia.

The Big Lobster Big Things Australia
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Lobster

27. The Big Scotsman, Adelaide, SA 

While many believe the Big Banana has started the Big Things in Australia, it was, in fact, the Big Scotsman in Adelaide. To clarify, Paul Kelly designed Scotty back in 1963, before the Big Banana. The nearby Scotty’s Motel built the Big Scotsman to attract more tourists.

30 Best Big Things in Australia - The Big Scotsman 
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Scotsman

28. The Big Orange, Berri, SA

Four separate floors form the Big Orange in the town of Berri. There is a souvenir shop and even a cafe inside the Big Orange. And of course on top of the orange – a viewing platform!

29. The Big Penguin – Penguin TAS

Even the small state of Tasmania has Big Things. The Big Penguin is in the town of Penguin. It’s worth coming all the way here. Most importantly, you will likely see real fairy penguins here.

 30 Best Big Things in Australia - The Big Penguin
30 Best Big Things in Australia – The Big Penguin in Tasmania

30. The Giant Mushroom, ACT 

While all other states seem to have more big things to offer to visitors, the capital city of Australia, Canberra is catching up. For instance, there is the latest addition: the Big Owl. But it is the Giant Mushroom that made our list and our final icon of the Big Things in Australia. 

Did we miss any of the must-see Big Things in Australia? Let us know in the comments.  


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