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What is the food from Slovenia like? This cuisine takes influence from its bordering countries. This includes Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary.

With this line-up, you can bet that the food is fantastic.

This blog introduces our favourite Slovenian foods to eat on your journey through this culinary gem.

10 Popular Slovenian Foods You Need to Try

1) Kranjska Klobasa (Carniolan sausage)

I think this region of Europe seems to produce the most flavourful sausages in the world. The Kranjska Klobasa originated in the town of Kranjska, located in the mountains of the Carniola region.

This is very near to the Italian and Austrian borders. Carniolan sausage is one of the most popular Slovenian foods there is. These sausages are made from the best quality pork, garlic, salt and pepper. The secret to the taste is the smoking process. This kind of food from Slovenia is fantastic!

I recommend eating this sausage with some delicious Slovenian bread and mustard. The only thing that would top off this food experience would be a chilled mug of local beer.

And if you are in Ljubljana, I recommend trying the sausage at Klobasarna

What to eat in Slovenia - Klobasarna
The best place to try Kranjska Klobasa (Carniolan sausage) in Ljubljana is at Klobasarna. Photo Credit: Visit Ljubljana

2) Poštoklja

This one is for vegetarians looking for the tastiest Slovenian foods to try.

This dish is essentially a vegetable mash that combines potatoes with turnip leaves; however, cabbage, chicory, kale, string beans, and other vegetables can be used, too. 

Sometimes, the vegetable mash is topped with a combination of garlic and onions fried in lard or covered with grated cheese. I enjoy the version of poštoklja with the fried lard; it’s so tasty.

Poštoklja is one of the traditional Slovenian foods, and you can find it in the Soča valley and Kobarid region of Slovenia.

3) Korejevec

A heart-warming soup originating from the Kozje region of Slovenia. A combination of staple ingredients prepares this popular soup, a favourite among locally loved Slovenian foods. 

The core ingredients are carrots, beans, shallots, garlic, paprika, bay leaves, marjoram, salt, and pepper.

The soup is simmered on low heat for around 30 minutes before it’s thickened with flour, pork crackling and lard. This is the best part and gives the soup a creamy texture and depth of flavour.

The soup is seasoned with wine vinegar before serving and is best eaten with a basket full of crusty bread. 

4) Štruklji (Rolled Dumplings)

most popular slovenian foods Štruklji
Up there with the most delicious Slovenian foods. Struklji must be on your list of what to eat in Slovenia

These traditional Slovenian foods are ones that you absolutely must search for on your culinary journey throughout Slovenia. Be warned, Štruklji, also known as rolled dumplings, are addictive, and you’ll find different ones depending on which region you’re visiting.

The fillings can be either sweet or savoury, so these Slovenian foods will please everyone. 

The most common fillings are cottage cheese and apple, beans, nuts or poppy seeds, sliced sausage, olives, spices, or cheese. I’m a huge fan of the ones filled with cottage cheese and apple, the perfect balance of flavours.

Štruklji can be steamed, fried, boiled or baked. Either way, you eat them, they’re delightful.

5) Jota (Sauerkraut and Bean Stew)

Jota (pronounced Yoh-tah) is a hearty, simple to make, and economical. The stew is typically made using some meat. You may find one, if not all, of these proteins in the stew – smoked ham, sausages, bacon or pork ribs.

Jota was a popular dish to cook during Slovenian winters when ingredients were limited. 

Root vegetables, including cabbage, potatoes, turnip and beans, are used to bulk out this stew or thick soup. 

Jota is served warm in winter and cool in summer. I recommend looking for this dish from the smaller local restaurants in the Primorska region of Slovenia.

6) Prekmurska Gibanica (Prekmurian Layer Cake)

Slovene Foods - Prekmurska Gibanica
What to eat in Slovenia – Prekmurska Gibanica is a must. Dessert food from Slovenia is always fantastic.

Sweet lovers, this one is for you! This is my favourite of the sweet Slovenian foods on offer.

This sweet is a little hard to pronounce, but it is oh-so delicious. It’s a pastry stuffed with multiple fillings, but typically ingredients like cottage cheese, poppy seeds, walnuts or apples.

The best sweet Slovenian foods always taste better when accompanied by Slovenian coffee, which is also something to look forward to.

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7) Kremšnita (Custard Cake)

most popular slovenian foods Kremšnita custard cake
Kremsnita has to be one of the most popular Slovenian foods, especially among tourists to Lake Bled.

This fabulous cake is a must-eat item on your list of Slovenian foods to try when you visit. It comprises three separate layers of puff pastry, whipping cream and custard cream. It is finished with a light dusting of powdered sugar on top and bottom. 

This cake remains popular across Central Europe and the Balkans in various variations and names.

You can also eat this cake in Slovakia and if you get confused between Slovakia and Slovenia, read our blog to tell the difference.

It’s incredibly popular in the Lake Bled region. So, while you’re enjoying the beautiful lake, make sure you take a break to enjoy this delicious cake too.

popular slovenian foods lake bled

8) Ajdovi krapi

Ajdovi krapi are the kind of Slovenian food you’ll miss once you leave. They’re buckwheat dumplings that are filled with a combination of cottage cheese and millet porridge. Traditionally, they’re topped with sour cream and pork cracklings when served.

Typically, ajdovi krapi are known as a Slovenian side dish, but eating them as a main dish is fine too (and I’d recommend this).

As is often the case with many Slovenian foods, these buckwheat dumplings can be a sweet dish too. Fillings would include hazelnuts and vanilla sauce or crushed walnuts and honey. This is one food from Slovenia that you really must taste.


9) Kraški Pršut (Karst Prosciutto)

The Karst Prosciutto is one of the much-loved Slovenian foods from the Karst region, not far from the Italian border. The Slovenian Karst is a region between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea that stands out for its unimaginable nature, history and wonderful local produce. 

Being so close to the Italian border, it’s no surprise that prosciutto is a prime product of the age-old tradition of salting and drying pork in the Karst region. Be sure to taste some of the Karst prosciutto when you pass through; it’s hard to beat Slovenian foods that taste this good.

And if you are as crazy about prosciutto as us, you can read more about the tradition of making Karst Prosciutto here.

Slovene Foods - Kraški Pršut (Karst Prosciutto)
One the popular Slovene Foods you need to try – Kraški Pršut (Karst Prosciutto) Credit: Kras.si

Also, don’t miss the largest and most visited cave in the Karst, the Postojna Caves. This is a highlight of Slovenia you can’t miss. See these popular options below:

10) Prežganka

This dish uses simple ingredients; however, prežganka is a classic among Slovenian foods. This wholesome soup is prepared with water, flour carefully cooked in oil, and seasonings such as paprika, caraway seeds, salt, and pepper.

The simple secret is in the lightly whisked egg added to the soup before it is served. This gives the dish a more complex flavour and a thicker texture.

Prežganka is served with toasted bread or homemade croutons on the side. A comparable dish in Germany, known as einbrennsuppe, and in Croatia, called prežgana juha.

Interested to learn more about this beautiful country? Tasteslovenia is a great resource to read more about Slovenia and its cuisine.

And if you are looking for an amazing culinary experience in Ljubljana, this 3.5-hour food & wine tour is highly recommended.

We hope these ten popular foods in Slovenia didn’t make you too hungry. If you plan to visit other countries in Europe, don’t miss our ultimate food map of Europe.

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