This beautiful country in the heart of Europe has so many things to offer. If you visit this gorgeously green nation, you’ll discover that each region has its Slovenian foods that you need to try. What is the food from Slovenia like? This cuisine takes influence from its bordering countries. This includes Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary. With this line-up, you can bet that the food is fantastic. In this blog, we introduce our favourite Slovenian foods to eat on your journey through this culinary gem.

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10 Popular Slovenian Foods you Need to Try

1) Kranjska Klobasa (Carniolan sausage)

In my opinion, this region of Europe seems to produce the most flavourful sausages in the world. The Kranjska Klobasa originated in the town of Kranjska, located in the mountains of the Carniola region.

This is very near to the Italian and Austrian borders. Carniolan sausage is one of the most popular Slovenian foods there is. These sausages are made from the best quality pork, along with garlic, salt and pepper. The secret to the taste is the smoking process. This kind of food from Slovenia is fantastic!

I recommend that you eat this sausage with some delicious Slovenian bread and some mustard. The only thing that would top off this food experience would be a chilled mug of local beer.

And if you are in Ljubljana, I recommend trying the sausage at Klobasarna

What to eat in Slovenia - Klobasarna

The best place to try Kranjska Klobasa (Carniolan sausage) in Ljubljana is at Klobasarna. Photo Credit: Visit Ljubljana

2) Poštoklja

This one is for the vegetarians out there looking for the tastiest Slovenian foods to try. This dish is essentially a vegetable mash that combines potatoes with turnip leaves, however, cabbage, chicory, kale, string beans, and other vegetables can be used too. 

Sometimes, the vegetable mash is topped with a combination of garlic and onions that have been fried in lard or covered with grated cheese. I enjoy the version of poštoklja with the fried lard, it’s so tasty.

Poštoklja is one of the traditional Slovenian foods, and you can find it in Soča valley and Kobarid region of Slovenia.

3) Korejevec

A heart-warming soup originating from the Kozje region of Slovenia. A combination of staple ingredients is used to prepare this popular soup, a favourite among locally loved Slovenian foods. 

The core ingredients are carrots, beans, shallots, garlic, paprika, bay leaves, marjoram, salt, and pepper.

The soup is simmered on low heat for around 30 mins before it’s thickened with flour, pork crackling and lard. This is the best part and gives the soup a creamy texture and depth of flavour.

The soup is seasoned with wine vinegar before serving and is best eaten with a basket full of crusty bread. 

4) Štruklji (Rolled Dumplings)

most popular slovenian foods Štruklji

Up there with the most delicious Slovenian foods. Struklji must be on your list of what to eat in Slovenia

These traditional Slovenian foods are ones that you absolutely must search for on your culinary journey throughout Slovenia. Be warned, Štruklji, also known as rolled dumplings are addictive and you’ll find different ones depending on which region you’re visiting.

The fillings can be either sweet or savoury, so these Slovenian foods will please everyone. 

The most common fillings are cottage cheese and apple, beans, nuts or poppy seeds, sliced sausage, olives and spices or cheese. I’m a huge fan of the ones filled with cottage cheese and apple, the perfect balance of flavours.

Štruklji can be steamed, fried, boiled or baked. Either way, you eat them, they’re delightful.

5) Jota (Sauerkraut and Bean Stew)

Jota (pronounced Yoh-tah) is a hearty dish, simple to make, and very economical. The stew is typically made using some kind of meat. You may find one if not all of these proteins in the stew – smoked ham, sausages, bacon or pork ribs. Jota was a dish that was popular to cook during Slovenian winters when ingredients were limited. 

Root vegetables including cabbage, potatoes, turnip and beans are used to bulk out this stew or thick soup. 

Jota is served warm in winter and cool in summer. I recommend looking for this dish from the smaller local restaurants in the Primorska region of Slovenia.

6) Prekmurska Gibanica (Prekmurian Layer Cake)

Slovene Foods - Prekmurska Gibanica

What to eat in Slovenia – Prekmurska Gibanica is a must. Dessert food from Slovenia is always fantastic.

Sweet lovers, this one is for you! This is my favourite of the sweet Slovenian foods on offer.

This sweet is a little hard to pronounce, but it is oh so delicious. Essentially, it’s a pastry stuffed with multiple fillings, but typically ingredients like cottage cheese, poppy seeds, walnut or apples.

The best sweet Slovenian foods always taste better when accompanied by Slovenian coffee, also something to look forward to.

7) Kremšnita (Custard Cake)

most popular slovenian foods Kremšnita custard cake