Cuba is an incredible country to visit and explore on your own. Colourful, vibrant and rich in history, it’s also a photographer’s paradise. After discovering this country that has been caught in time, we can certainly see why it’s referred to as a ‘living museum’.  See this unique Caribbean island through our eyes, with some of our favourite photos of Cuba.

10 Photos of Cuba that will make you want to visit

10 Photos of Cuba - Entertainment in the streets

Street performers in the city of Havana, the capital of Cuba. They do seem to bring pure joy for tourists as well as locals.

10 Photos of Cuba Che

Pictures, murals and photos of the heroes of the revolution are seen everywhere.

10 Photos of Cuba Cuba Car in Havana

The vintage cars! What a collection of some of the most beautiful vehicles ever built, still cruising the roads.

10 Photos of Cuba Cuban Breakfast

A typical Cuban breakfast. A short strong coffee, accompanied by simple toasted bread rolls with ham.

10 Photos of Cuba Cuban Cigar

The picturesque village of Vinales.  A tobacco farmer explains the process of how Cuban cigars are made.

10 Photos of Cuba Varadero Beach

Varadero.  The beaches have perfect turquoise water, crystal white sand and are not over-run by too many tourists….yet.

10 Photos of Cuba Ladies in Havana Cuba

Local women in Havana trying to make extra dollars, posing in colourful Cuban dresses with cigars.

10 Photos of Cuba Tabacco farms in Vinales

Vinales. A farmer picks the tobacco leaves and hangs them upside down to begin the drying process. This was definitely a town to capture some typical photos of Cuba, and the lives of local Cubans.

10 Photos of Cuba Trinidad

Trinidad. This town is full of character, very colourful and has lots to do! A must-see for sure.

10 Photos of Cuba When time stands still

We captured this photo wandering through the streets of Havana. We feel that it sums up Cuba perfectly.

Hope you enjoyed our 10 Photos of Cuba. Have you visited Cuba, or is it on your bucket list? Here is How to Find and Book the Cheapest Flights Everywhere.