Best Treats to Eat in Europe

Europe is a paradise for any food lover.  Of the 48 countries in total, there is no doubt that Europe can and will satisfy your taste buds.

You won’t need to break the bank to have a unique culinary experience here.  See our top ten treats to indulge in while travelling in Europe.

Baklava in Turkey

 1. Baklava in Turkey

Baklava is one of the best treats of Turkey, a heavenly sweet rich pastry made out of flaky layers of filo dough, layered and brushed with sugar syrup and butter and cut into small squares or rectangles.  There are too many versions of this delight, featuring pistachio nuts, walnuts or even chestnuts!  You can spend your days walking the streets of old Istanbul and keep your energy high with this delight.  It goes terrific with Turkish coffee, because who needs to sleep, right?
Churros in Spain

2. Churros in Spain

Apparently, eating freshly fried churros dipped in rich thick chocolate for breakfast is a perfectly normal way to start your day in Spain!  It sounds like the Spaniards really know how to kick start their day, hello delicious!  Churro, also known as a Spanish doughnut, can be found in cafes as well as designeded churro places known as “churrerias”, where hot fried churros are tossed in sugar or cinnamon and served hot. Yet another reason to return to Spain.


Crepe in France

 3. Crêpe in France

Crepe, a glorious thin pancake made from wheat flour is the ultimate street snack when in France!  The french pride themselves for making crepes, and calling them pancakes is taken as an insult. You might indulge yourself with a Nutella crepe version or stick with the traditional french one – with lemon and sugar.


Gelato in Italy

 4. Gelato in Italy

The perfect cool treat for the hot summer days! You really don’t have to go to far to find a great gelato place when in Italy. Creamy, elastic, dense and oh so tasty. The best gelato places use only the freshest ingredients and the fruit-flavoured gelato is made out of real fruit. Now there is no reason why you can’t have gelato twice a day.


Gyros in Greece

 5. Gyros in Greece

Best treats on the streets of Greece? It has to be gyros! A pita bread filled with thinly sliced roasted meat from a vertical spit, fresh tomatoes, onions and hot potato chips. Some places add a creamy yogurt sauce that makes it even juicier.  The choice of meat usually includes lamb or chicken.  If you can’t decide which one, just get one of each.  It can cost as little as €1.50!


Langos in Slovakia

 6. Langos in Slovakia

This might be one the least known treats of Europe. Langos is deep fried bread made out of the dough with flour, yeast and salt. Once fried, it is topped with sour cream or tartar sauce and grated soft cheese. While it might not win the prize for a healthy snack, it’s way too delicious not to try it. It originates from Hungary but is found virtually everywhere in Slovakia.


Sacher Torte in Austria

 7. Sacher Torte in Austria

The Austrians know how to bring culture and class, even when it comes to dessert. The very famous Sacher torte is a marvellous dessert, a good reason to make a trip to Vienna from where it originates. Sacher Torte is a unique chocolate cake incorporating a layer of apricot jam and chocolate icing.  It has been around since 1832, so you eat a piece of European history.

Strudel in Austria

 8. Strudel in Switzerland

The strudel is a pastry with a sweet or savory filling rolled up in a very thinly stretched dough, apple being the most popular filling.  The German word strudel literally means “whirlpool,” and it refers to the technique of rolling the dough.  It is served with a sprinkle of icing sugar or it can be topped with whipped cream or warm vanilla custard.


Trdelnik in Czech Republic

 9. Trdelnik in the Czech Republic

Keep your eye out for this sweet snack on your travels in the Czech Republic.  You may encounter these cute stalls selling an oval, cylinder shaped pastry called ‘trdelnik’.  A rolled dough is wrapped around a steel pole and then grilled.  It is often sold hot with a dusting of cinnamon, sugar and nuts.  The perfect afternoon snack between lunch and dinner, alongside a creamy cuppuccino to get you through the rest of the day.


Wurst in Germany

 10. Wurst in Germany

Wurst translates to ‘sausage’ in German.  And you better believe that the Germans love their Wurst! And so they should, they are delicious, very affordable and available everywhere!  Bratwurst and Rostbratwurst is a sausage made from finely minced pork and beef and usually grilled and served with sweet German mustard and a piece of bread or a roll. It can be sliced and made into Currywurst by dipping it in a curry sauce.  The perfect thing to eat anytime of the day, but particularly tasty after a few pints of beer.

Have you tried any of our top treats to eat in Europe? Which one is your favourite? 

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