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Best Gifts for Travellers

best gifts for travellers

Travellers, backpackers and people who love to take holidays are not always the easiest to buy for unless you know what kind of stuff we absolutely love.

The most important thing to remember when choosing the perfect gift is this – we love things that are useful to our travelling lifestyle.

Ideally, the perfect gifts should be compact, durable and most importantly, reasonably light to carry.

Here’s a list of our favourite travel accessories that we use on the road.

These travel gift ideas are ideal for anyone who frequently travels, lives on the road or is simply planning a new holiday or adventure.

The 20 Best Gifts for Travellers

1. MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker – $49.95

We really love our coffee and this is hands down our favourite travel accessory.  This machine requires no electricity.  Simply load it with a small shot of your favourite ground coffee, add hot water, then effortlessly pump a delicious espresso.

It’s that simple.  It’s easy to clean and it comes in a protective case to keep it together and store away easily in your backpack.

Your coffee-loving friend will love if you surprise them with this little baby!

2. 1TB Portable External Hard Drive – $55.00

Travellers take lots of photos & videos on the road, and having enough storage is important to us.  We each own a couple of these guys and we guard them with our lives because most of our travelling memories and important information is stored and backed-up on these compact drives.

We’ve also got tons of movies, documentaries and series stored on our hard-drives, for those days when you need a little downtime.

We regularly offer to share our movies and series with new friends and hosts we meet on the road.  Ask any traveller and they’ll tell you that its the best day ever when you update your hard-drive with new stuff.

3. JBL Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker – $86.00

We love music and you’re likely to find us hanging out by a beach or lazing by a pool. This speaker is perfect because it’s waterproof and it has a great sound to listen to all your fave tunes. Just connect it with Bluetooth from any of your devices and relax.

4. Silk Sleeping Bag Liner – $69.65

This is great to have when you’re travelling in warm countries or when you’re sometimes forced to sleep in questionable bedding that’s been provided to you. It happens.

It’s also really handy for an overnight bus or train journey to keep you snug.  Put it in the lining of your sleeping bag and it will keep it clean, thus extending its life.

It’s lightweight, super compact, washable & colourfast.

5. 12oz Frank Green SmartCup – Reusable & Ecofriendly – $30

This one is for all the coffee & tea lovers out there! You’re probably aware by now, we LOVE our coffee and we also care about the environment too. We want to try and leave the smallest footprint we possibly can to every country that we visit.

This smart cup ticks all the boxes. It has a clever pop down lid, so makes travelling a dream. It acts like a mini thermos too, so be sure to make a hot cup of tea or coffee before you check out of your accommodation and enjoy it later in the day.

6. Waterproof Backpack Cover – $8.68


A waterproof cover that protects your bag from getting soaking wet, it also acts as protection from other elements to extend the life of your backpack.

We often put our cover on our backpacks when travelling in countries where we must take many bus journeys.  The storage cabins underneath these buses are generally quite dirty or even wet, so it’s always handy for this reason.  

Available sizes from 30L-80L to suit your backpack.  These covers are specially reinforced and they have an elastic design so you can adjust it to the shape of your bag.

7. Packing Cubes – $22.50

These don’t look like they can change lives, but they do! It’s sometimes tough to fit your whole life into one backpack, however, these packing cubes make life on the road so much easier, and save time too.

As travellers, we’re constantly packing and repacking our things every few days, and who enjoys packing that much?  These travel cubes help you to organise your clothes and gear so you can stack and pack it away easily.

The cubes compress your clothes to be the smallest possible size, especially if you’re a roller! For example, you can organise your summer gear in one cube and cooler weather gear in another, so leave one at the bottom of the bag if you’re travelling in hot weather.

Saving time on packing means more time at the beach!

8. Universal All in One Worldwide Travel Adapter – $11.00

Covers more than 150 countries. You can charge your phone and other gadgets at the same time with the handy USB ports on the side. A very valuable travel companion for sure.

9. Scratch Map  – $19

It’s pretty cool when you can scratch off the countries you’ve travelled to and plan for all the ones you haven’t yet seen.

We think this is a great present for a loved one too, that way they can scratch off where you’ve travelled and track where you are in the world.

10. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader – $119.00

For all travellers, keeping your backpack as light as possible is the aim of the game. As much as we love to hold and read a real book, they can be heavy. Sometimes it’s really tough in certain countries to find books written in English too.

Kindles are the best! They can store a ridiculous amount of books, they’re lightweight, you can download a book in your own language and the battery life is fantastic.

11. External Battery Pack for iPhone – $39.95

We use our iPhone for everything on the road. To navigate, take photos, call and uber, to read our guide-books and so much more.

It’s no fun when your phone runs out of battery and you’ve got nowhere to re-charge it to access important info on the go. This power bank takes care of that.

12. Moleskine Classic Notebook – $16.00

We always travel with a notebook. These notebooks are our favourite because they are light and handy to note down any new ideas, important travel info of just to record details of a fantastic travel experience.

13. Lonely Planet (Travel Guide) – $17.50

We use Lonely Planet Travel Guides to help us plan most trips. They’re easy to use and we find the information really useful.  This is always an awesome present to receive when planning on exploring a new destination.

This book can also be purchased as an E-Book for tech-savvy travellers who prefer to read their travel guide from their kindle.

14. Travel Hammock – $35.95

These hammocks are awesome.  They come with carabiners attached to each end and two 8 ft ropes to hang it up. Hang it on poles, trees or anything sturdy. It’s durable, lightweight and packs down into a small bag that you can easily clip onto the outside of your backpack. 

Comes in both a single or double hammock. Happy relaxing!

15. Magnetic Tripod  – $27.00

Capture a better perspective of that perfect shot. Use the flexible arms to wrap around and secure the tripod to objects. It has strong magnetic feet which also allows you to attach to anything magnetic.

Lightweight and compact, this tripod is ideal to carry in your backpack or pocket.

The best thing is the Bluetooth wireless remote which means you can take group photos,  selfies & wide-angle views.


16. GoPro HERO6 Black – $449.00

We record heaps of footage on our Go-Pro. It records all our adventures and favourite food experiences too.

What we love most is that it takes incredibly clear video, it fits into your pocket when you’re out and about, it’s waterproof to take it snorkelling and swimming and the battery life is fantastic.  There are bundles of accessories to fit the Go-Pro, depending on how you’d like to shoot footage.

If you’d really like to pimp out your Go-Pro videos, we recommend the EVO Gimbal to stabilize all your footage, making it super smooth. We’ve done tons of research to find the best action camera stabilizer and this is the one that always came out on top! This is the one that we use on the road.

The videos are easily downloaded to our laptop at the end of the day so we can edit new videos. Another feature we really like is that you can take snapshots of photos from the video, which is fantastic, you can capture some really candid action pics that are always difficult to take.

17. AMIR 3 in 1 HD Camera Lens Kit, – $23.00

On those days when you don’t have the energy to carry around your big camera, but you still want to capture some great pics, this is perfect. You get a 3 in 1 Detachable Lens – including a super wide angle Lens, a 15x MACRO Lens and a 230-degree fisheye lens.

Just clip it onto any one of these phones – iPhone 8, 7 Plus / 7 / 6s Plus / 6s/ Samsung and Smartphones.


18. Microfibre Travel Towel – $18.95

This ultra-absorbent microfiber towel is perfect for travel. It dries up to 4 times faster than a regular towel and packs into a small waterproof bag.  

Lightweight and essential for travellers on the move! 

19. Travel Gear Organiser – $12.99


Perfect for travellers who have to carry lots of electronic equipment and accessories. When rolled up, this easily tucks in your backpack.

Great for saving space and keeping you organised.

20. Headphone Splitter – $3.76

This is clearly one of the cheapest gifts you can give, but oh so important.

This headphone splitter is super handy if you’re travelling with a companion, or even for solo travellers, it’s nice to be able to share with a new friend.

There’s nothing better than sitting down to watch a movie together on your laptop in a busy airport or on a flight. You can also both plug into your iPhone and listen to a playlist or podcast together. A win for sure.

So there you go, a hand-picked list of best gifts for travellers and backpackers.  Show your favourite traveller how much you care and surprise them with a gift that they’ll love.

Did we miss your favourite travel accessory from our list? We’d love to know what gear you can’t live without on the road. Please share with us in the comments below!

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