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We’ve travelled to over 100 countries, and we’re hungry to see so much more!  It’s fair to say we’ve got a serious case of wanderlust. WE LOVE IT!

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People we meet travelling

People you meet travelling

No matter where you go in the world, the people you meet travelling will become a huge part of your journey. They will also become the reason to try to return. It’s the people you meet travelling, who shine a light into the soul of a country you are...
Bad Travel Days

Bad Travel Days | The downside of travel

“Oh you get to travel the world all the time, that is so awesome!”  is the reaction of most of my friends and family. And yes travel is awesome! The latest photo on social media pictures a beautiful beach somewhere exotic and me sipping on a fresh coconut...
Sweet Treats in Europe Featured image

Sweet treats in Europe

Sweet treats in Europe can turn a no-sweets-please-eater to a complete sugar freak. These indulgent treats can cause a serious addiction and you might never want to leave the “Old continent”. Here’s a list of our favourites. *Warning, this...
Food Tour New York City

A Food Tour of New York

Some cities just have it all. For me, New York City is definitely one of them. The list is endless for things to keep you entertained in the ‘Big Apple’. The bustling inner city with the bright lights of Times Square and high-end shopping, plus the many...
Food map of Europe

Food Map of Europe

Food map of Europe is reflective of dishes we’ve tried while exploring the old continent and its glorious food. The food is one of the main reasons to travel to Europe. As delicious and unknown delicacies can be found in every country. Here is our food...
Five things about air travel

5 Things that drive me crazy about Air Travel

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a flight attendant. Fast forward twenty years and realising that my patience level isn’t one of my finest qualities, there is no way I could last in that profession. I am a regular flyer, although airports are one of my...
Best Places in Slovakia

Best places to visit in Slovakia

Slovakia is literally in the heart of Europe.  Often overlooked by travellers who visit Slovakia’s better known neighbouring countries like the Czech Republic and Austria, one just needs to take the time to explore this small country to appreciate it....
Best treats in Europe

Best Treats to Eat in Europe

Europe is a paradise for any food lover.  Of the 48 countries in total, there is no doubt that Europe can and will satisfy your taste buds. You won’t need to break the bank to have a unique culinary experience here.  See our top ten treats to indulge in...
Best Cheap Eats Vancouver

Best cheap eats in Vancouver

Vancouver is a culinary Disneyland for anyone who appreciates good food.  Asian cuisine here is hugely popular, and if you crave fresh sushi and rich bowls of ramen, to name a few, welcome to foodie heaven.  Obviously, you can enjoy fine food in expensive...
how to save money

How to Save Money to Travel the World

Travelling is what I love, so travel is what I do. I’m often asked how I can afford to take as many holidays as I do. The truth is, I treat my life as one extended holiday.  In fact, most of my twenties were spent just wandering the globe, living from...
photos of cuba

10 Photos of Cuba that will make you want to visit

Cuba is an incredible country to visit and explore on your own. Colourful, vibrant and rich in history, it’s also a photographer’s paradise. After discovering this country that has been caught in time, we can certainly see why it’s referred...
why travel to iran

Why travel to Iran | 8 Things I loved the most

Iran is definitely not how the world perceives it to be.  I know this, because I recently travelled here for three weeks, against the concerns of friends and family.  Everyone asked me the same question, ‘why would I ever want to go to Iran’.  The...
Iran 20 photos

20 Photos of Iran that will change the way you see it

20 Photos of Iran Iran is an incredible country to visit. If you travel here, you will find out that everything you have been told isn’t exactly true, and you’ll be amazed by the culture, the food, the people and their history. Here are a 20 photos...
drive across us

How to drive across USA in a motorhome for $1 per day

Ever dreamed of taking an epic drive across the USA or along the historic Route 66 with your partner, some friends or the whole family? Just you, the open road and the sun (and maybe snow) at your back? Drive wherever you like, you make your own plan on what...
20 signs you are addicted to travel

20 Signs You’re Addicted to Travel

  20 Signs You’re Addicted to Travel 1. You can travel just with carry on luggage. People who over pack for a 7-day trip are a mystery to you. 2. Your fridge is covered with magnets from places you have visited. 3. You know airports city codes and...
Best food in Mexico - Top 5 Foodie Cities

Best Food in Mexico | Top 5 Food Cities

Mexico is one massive pulsating heart of foodie love!  You can feel it everywhere you go. This country has an incredible line up of culinary hits.  You can find endless amazing food everywhere, but the following cities are not to be missed if you are looking...
Street Food Tour in Amsterdam

Street Food Tour in Amsterdam

They told us to come hungry, so we did. We skipped breakfast and enjoyed a strong espresso around the corner before we arrived for our Street Food Tour of Amsterdam at 11.30am. Our guide Astrid was waiting at the pick-up spot with a big smile and introduced...
Eating in Malaysia like a local

Eating in Malaysia like a local

Last month we were lucky enough to spend a night in Kuala Lumpur on our way home from a quick trip to Thailand. We had our plan worked out in advance, we wanted to use our time wisely and this trip was all about eating in Malaysia. We know that Malaysia is a...

How to Visit the Cook Islands on a Budget

It’s true. They’re known as an expensive luxury destination, but is it possible to visit the Cook Islands on a budget? It sure is, and here’s how! The Cook Islands are made up of 15 islands scattered in the South Pacific.  Rarotonga is the...
travels in tajikistan

Travels in Tajikistan: A Feast to Remember

Have you ever had a travel experience that you will never forget? The one that makes you smile and warms your heart when you remember how you felt at that moment? I’d like to share my favourite experience from my recent travels in Tajikistan.     It...
Best Travel Quotes

Best Travel Quotes To Inspire You To Travel

These are our favourite travel quotes to inspire you to travel this year. We have always loved travel quotes and we have certainly found them inspirational as we traveled to over 100 countries. So sit back and enjoy the list and let us know your favourite...
Bizarre Foods to Eat in China

10 Bizarre Foods to Eat in China

Chinese people LOVE to eat. If eating were an Olympic sport, no other country would come close. I’ve never seen a nation show so much dedication to consuming anything that walks, crawls, flies, swims, slithers or grows in my whole life until I travelled to...

Book Food Tours & Cooking Classes from around the world!

Melbourne Cafe Culture Tour

11am on Tues,Wed,Thurs,Fri -3 hrs
AUD $115 per person

Vegetarian Cooking Class Paris

Tues thru Sun10:30am & 6pm -3.5 hrs
AUD $225 per person

Street Eats Breakfast Tour Shanghai

Tues & Sun at 8.00am - 3 hrs
AUD $86 per person

London Carnivore Food Tour

Fri, Sat & Sun 2.00pm
AUD $155

Hungry Hikers Street Food Tour Amsterdam

Mon to Sat 2pm & Sun 10.30am
AUD $115 per person

Italian Cooking Class Chocolate and Wine Tour

10:00am Daily , Full Day
AUD $409 per person

Food Tour Rome

Tues, Thurs,Fri & Sun 7pm-3 hrs
$129 per person

Barcelona Tapas Tour

Mon-Sat 11:50am OR 5.50pm Approx 4 hrs
AUD $165 per person

Saigon After Dark by Vespa

6:00PM - 4 hours
AUD $125 per person

Indian Masala Trails Dandenong

Only 4th Sat of every month @11.30am 4 hrs
AUD $125 per person

Roma & Zona Rosa Food Tour

Mon, Wed & Fri @10am 2.5hrs
AUD $59 per person

Modernist Chocolate Tour Barcelona

Mon-Fri (on the hour) between 10am-6pm 2hrs
AUD $89 per person