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20 Photos of Iran that will change the way you see it

20 Photos of Iran

Iran is an incredible country to visit. If you travel here, you will find out that everything you have been told isn’t exactly true, and you’ll be amazed by the culture, the food, the people and their history.

Here are a 20 photos of Iran that will change the way you see this truly unique country.

Iran - Village go Abuyeh

1. The historic mud-brick village of Abyaneh is located at the base of Mt Karkas. It is known for its traditional architecture created from the red soil.

Iran - Architecture

2. The city of Yazd is one of the highlights in Iran and the incredible Masjed-e Jameh (Mosque) dates back to 12th century and has the tallest minarets in Iran.


Iran - Tea with a sugar stick

3. Tea is the traditional drink in Iran and it’s often served with sugar stick to sweeten it.

Iran - Home

4. An invite to Iranian home should be always accepted, as it will offer you a real insight into the culture. And do come hungry, the amount of food always offered from your hosts is endless.

Iran - Meals in the North

5. Iranian cuisine is vibrant, rich and nothing like you tasted before. Additionally, every region has its own dish to try.

Iran - Door

6. You will find architectural delights on every corner. Beautiful door decorated with fine mosaics and colourful tiles.

Iran - Persepolis

7. The mind-blowing ruins of Persepolis, the ancient Persian capital from the 6th to 4th century B.C.

Iran - Iranian Kebab

8. Iranian  kebab & rice is the staple dish which can be found virtually everywhere. Oh, and you will miss it when you leave…


Iran - Beautiful Masouleh

9. The terraced village of Masouleh, one of the most beautiful villages in Western Iran.


Iran - Sweet treats

10. Iranian sweets are from another world. Rich, sweet and delicious.


Iran - Spices in Iran

11. Iranian spice mix for sale at the local market in Shiraz. The presentation is art on its own.


Iran - Ladies in Shiraz

12. Imam Square is a massive square surrounded by three mosques in the heart of Isfahan.


Iran - The streets

13. The streets of Iran and the life that takes place will open your eyes to “real” Iran.


Iran - Desert

14. Vast desert near the city of Fahraj


Iran - Inside a mosque

15. The magnificent inside of Nasir al-Mulk Mosque from the 19th century. It is known for its extensive use of colored glass.  Come here at sunrise for some spectacular photos and a perfect kind of silence.


Iran - Shiraz market

16. The market in Shiraz – A local vendor selling fresh pistachios.


Iran - Sunset in Yazd

17. The rooftop view of Jameh Mosque in Yazd at sunset.


Iran - Village of Abyaneh

18. The village of Abyaneh is every bit unique.  The women of Abyaneh wear a long head scarf with floral designs, covering their hair and shoulders. They also wear colorful dresses, along with a special pair of pants.


Iran - Baker and his bread

19. A local baker takes a break to pose for a photo. Iranians have at least six types of bread, each is meant for a different type of food and occasion.


Iran - People of Iran

20. Iranian people will become the most memorable part of your visit to Iran. Welcoming, well educated, warm and generous.


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